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New Construction Final Inspection

A new construction home should live up to all the promises and expectations made by the builder. We know exactly what to look for in a new build, and  evaluate all interior and exterior components and systems.

final inspection on a new home in Texas

First Choice New Construction Final Home Inspections

Our new construction final inspections include the following and more:

Interior: doors, windows, bathrooms, kitchens, fireplaces, other rooms, etc
Exterior: roof, siding, porch, patio, grading, walkway, driveway, landscape
Structural: frame, foundation, beams, posts, bearing walls, attic, basement
Mechanical: plumbing, heating, cooling, water heater, electrical, pumps, etc

Why Choose First Choice?

A final inspection for a new construction home is very important, and we treat it as such to make sure your new home is exactly as it should be.

InterNachi Certified

InterNACHI® is the world’s leading association for home inspectors. This ensures we have the best continued training and resources.

14 Years Experience

When it comes to home inspections, there is no substitute for experience. We know what to look for in every situation.

Same-Day Reports

Our inspectors and staff work hard to make sure you get a complete report that same day. No detail will go unnoticed.

Family-Owned & Operated

This is not just a job for us. This is our passion and our family legacy. That’s why every inspection we do has means a lot.

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