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Foundation Elevation Inspection

The foundation is the most important element of your home and its structural integrity. Here in the Dallas Area of Texas, foundation issues are common due to the soil composition. Early detection of foundation issues can greatly reduce the cost of repairs.

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First Choice Foundation Elevation Inspections

We visually inspect concrete slabs, look for cracks, soil separation from the edges of the slab, water stains or discoloration, or evidence of pest intrusion. Some cracking is not unusual, but large cracks should be evaluated by an expert, especially if warping of walls or floors is present.

If you have a pier-and-beam foundation, we check the crawlspace skirting and vent openings for proper ventilation to prevent moisture buildup and barriers to animal access. We check for separations of piers from beams, slipped or missing shims, rotted wood, evidence of water or plumbing leaks, pests, and so forth.

Why Choose First Choice?

We promise that our foundation elevation inspection will provide all you need to make informed decisions about the foundation and property.

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